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Mindful Mothers *

Zen Daughters



A 10-Day Transformational Coaching Experience


Training Program

for Mothers of Daughters Aged 13-23  


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Hey Mama, are you a little bit like me?


  • You are the mother of a daughter aged 13-23 and are well versed in eye-rolls, paparazzi-worthy selfie-snapping and hot flash inducing angry outbursts.

You want to support your girl in this life stage and just wish there was something you COULD DO.  



  • You’d love clarity on how to create your own best life. To uncover what you really want and learn how to make your wildest dreams come true.

But are too busy surviving the day to day even to know what you want, let alone how to get it.


  • You crave peace, ease, and joy. You know that creating a sense of calm and well-being in the midst of this messy and exquisite thing we call life, would benefit you and your daughter.

You just don’t know where to start.


  • You love your daughter and want to be a role model for her, but parenting seems to be getting more difficult. You realize you don't have a lot of time left.

What will your parenting legacy be?








Ugh, I feel you, ‘cause I am right here with you...

in the thick of it!




















I am Melissa Barnet, a women’s empowerment coach and mother of what I lovingly call an “emerging woman” (young women in that messy decade between aged 13-23) Celia, 15.


Isn’t she cute?


Don’t let our smiles fool you, parenting at our house sometimes feels like slow dancing with a porcupine! Lots of rough edges and painful surprises!


I’ve been coaching women for over seven years and parenting for sixteen…see my grey hair and “smile lines”? Those didn’t use to be there!



I love coaching women in all kinds of transition; career moves, life changes, leadership development, building, and growing businesses.


As a coach, I help women gain clarity on where they are today, creating a vision for the life they want to lead, and crafting a plan that moves them forward bit by bit.


More and more becoming the woman they want to be.




See it * Believe it * Take Action * Achieve It


10-Days to a New Way of Looking at Success in Work and Life


10-Days of practicing calm




Working with Mothers


Working with 100’s of women in my coaching and leadership development practice I began to see patterns and key themes emerging around what was holding my clients back.


Each client had her own set of obstacles and opportunities to work with but what became clear was that at the heart of it most women struggle with many of the same things:

Stress and Anxiety

Role Overload

Curating Perfect

Fear of taking risks, Playing Big and Standing Out


I love this work, the rewriting of the rules, crafting personal metrics of success in work and life. I felt honored, inspired and connected in the work I was doing.




At the same time I was inspiring and educating women, things were less than stellar at home.


On the parenting front, as my daughter matured, I saw the genesis of these self-placed limitations popping up at home and realized I need to step up.  Or step in.


 That I needed to show her a counterpoint to our uber-achievement focused culture. To be more intentional in sharing my personal journey and the work I was doing with my clients.  


That I needed to share with her the lessons and powerful conversations I was having at work, to bring my work home.



For over a year and a half, I kept getting signs that I needed to take my work to a younger client. 




There was one really big problem, and that was I didn't want to work with these emerging women!


I kept hearing the call


I kept ignoring it



The Action I did Take


I did start by bringing my coaching and mindfulness lessons to Celia and her brother Grant. With intention, my husband and I created Zen Dinners.


Family dinners with a teaching lesson. I created worksheets and conversation starters and bit by bit we began unwinding the stress, anxiety and focus on achievement.


We worked to build skills in our kids that they can carry with them, to school, work, college, into relationships and adulthood. Sure most of it they seem to ignore, but I feel like I have taken a stand. That I have shifted the power. That I am arming my kids with tools that they will have for a lifetime.


The next time I heard the call it was a little different



In a moment of madness peppered with divine inspiration, I saw so clearly my calling.


  • What if we could teach our emerging women these tools for unwinding sooner. Before they were so tightly wound?


  • What if I by coaching mothers I could not only impact their lives; but create a ripple effect? That by coaching Mama’s to transform their own lives I could create an army powerful role models for a generation of emerging women.



  • What if I could also teach mothers coaching skills? To arm our most important, grassroots advisors with a set of tools to transform how they teach their girls?


  • What if together we could change the world, one Mindful Mother and Zen Daughter at a time?


Yes, Yes, Yes 1000 times Yes!


In launching Mindful Mothers Zen Daughters, my vision is to upset the paradigm of achievement, competition, perfection, and constant state of stress and anxiety that seems to be affecting women younger and younger.

I want to help moms create the biggest, boldest and best version of their own lives AND to create their legacy of empowered and relentless self-compassion.


To first own it..and then teach it.


Are you ready?


Are you with me?








Enroll today in this FREE 10 -Day Experience




~Together we will build skills to make us more Mindful Mothers and create a safe space to support one another~



~You’ll gain clarity on all that you want to have, be, and do in your own life~



~You will learn a new way of talking with your daughter~

~You’ll have a new set of tools you can practice using in a safe place~





Sign Up Now!

This 10-Day Experience Includes


  • Clarity coaching tools for you Mama!

3 Life Coaching Exercises; delivered to your inbox with 3 live and recorded video Q&A sessions.


  • 3 Zen Snacks!

Sweet little bite-sized morsels of Mindfulness that is easy to incorporate into your day!



  • Coaching skills “how to” training video and workbook. 

A beginners “how to” guide and practice sessions on incorporating coaching conversations with your daughter.




  • 3 Guided Meditation/Yoga Nidra recordings

designed to be listened to daily, to help you be a well-rested and mindful mama just by laying down and listening!



  • Access to a private Facebook Community page, & live calls

where I’ll answer your questions and a live coaching session for one community member.



Together We will explore how you can create a more



Purpose Driven

And Joyful Life


Not only for yourself, but in the life of your daughter as well.




The Experience


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