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Secret Sauce Finder!



I love the idea of Secret Sauce. I did my undergraduate studies at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington (Go Cougs!). I think because of it I have a strong affinity to small rural towns, lukewarm keg beer, and rolling fields of wheat.


While there wasn't a whole lot going on in Pullman in the gourmet food scene, hangover food was abundant, and one of my favorite places was a drive-in.

This old-fashioned burger joint had the worst burgers, but most delicious fries mainly because of something they called fry sauce. I began calling it secret sauce because I honestly did not want to think about what was in it.

I'd pump secret sauce from the sticky stainless-steel condiment server into too small paper cups about the size of Barbie's cereal bowl.


At some point in time, I realized it was better to forgo the cup and slather the secret sauce directly onto the red and white paper boat of chips. These days, it is hard for me to say secret sauce without recalling that pink dipping goodness.

Your Secret Sauce loved ones, is not your favorite mixture of condiments (most likely just ketchup, mayo, and horseradish left to warm and slightly ferment eewww!) but it is a blend of the elements that make you uniquely you. It is your personal recipe for greatness.

Finding your Secret Sauce and creating your own blend involves understanding three things: your strengths, your passions and what gives you energy. In crafting your own Secret Sauce recipe you’ll need to get clear on all three ingredients.

Strengths: What am I good at? Brainstorm a list of at least ten things that you feel you really rock at! These can be in the arena of work, family, community, really anything goes. As an example, my list includes PowerPoint, sundowners (drinks consumed at sunset), going with the flow, creative solutions, dolphin calls, card games and blocking emotions.


Passions: Your passions are what lights you up! What excites and inspires? Begin passion hunting today and list some of your favorite things. 

Energy: The ingredient of energy is the magical spark. It is focused awareness as to how you feel when you are using your sauce. How does it feel to be doing the work, navigating your day? When do you feel energized and when do you feel depleted? Over the course of a week begin to pay attention to where your energy is as you "do your day."

If this resonates with you drop me a line and I'll send you a complimentary fourteen page e-book to help you craft your on big, bold and perhaps sticky Secret Sauce recipe.

Simply click on the button on the right and I'll send it over!

 Cooking is like painting

or writing a song.


Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors –


it's how you combine them that sets you apart.


-Wolfgang Puck

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