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Wild and Precious; Crafting a Plan for your Best Summer Yet!

Lately, I’ve been feeling called to make a plan. To get out magazines, and glue sticks, glitter, inspirational quotes, and wishes. To rally some friends to come and create a vision for our Summer. To jam to some fantastic tunes, maybe do some yoga, drink some mid-range wine and eat goat cheese and fig jam on gluten-free crackers.

I’m hosting a Summer Vision Board Session, Wild, and Precious.

As I write this it is Memorial Day weekend, the last longer lazier weekend before the official beginning of summer. If you are a parent, your kids will soon be home from school, hanging around the hoop, looking for rides to meet friends, cash for a double scoop, and suggestions for what to do when boredom strikes, and you’ve hidden the Xbox remote.

It’s the cusp of summer. Like the movie preview, it’s the quick view of the high highs and perhaps the low lows; the sizzling moments that leave you wanting to have more. It’s the call to say get ready people I’m coming for you bikini body or not.

This year I’ve decided to take matters into my hand a little more than usual. Instead of facing summer with the casual acceptance and some scattered planning. I am going to invest some time in these last few days of May and first days of June to craft a vision for my summer.

To get still and ask, what would make this the best summer ever? What feeling do I want to have as I move through my days? Do I want to start my mornings in a new “Summer way?” Do I want to linger with friends and family more often? Learn to play my Ukulele, so I can accompany myself around the campfire? See as many outdoor movies as I can? Inflate way too many tubes and mattresses to float in all kinds of cool, clean Pacific Northwest water? Drink wine in the sun listening to live music. Yes, Yes, Yes 1000 times YES!


As I write this, I am sitting at one of my favorite places to retreat, The Sleeping Lady resort in Leavenworth, WA. My travel companion is lazily lounging at my feet, exhausted from our hike and the heat that feels somehow hotter at 82 than at home in the shade. I booked my room last night and drove over this morning. It is a quick trip, and I have the feeling of, trying to harness to the moon. Watching something beautiful roll by a little too quickly. I sit here and ask myself what do I want more of in my life? Less of?

If I could do anything this summer what would it be? Because I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, I am not short on ideas (yes they do include some of the above), but I still have some open spaciousness for freestyle to come in.

I’m a big proponent of the law of attraction and the equation I use with my clients, my kids and myself is a little more than merely making a wish, or placing your order with at the drive-thru speaker of the universe.

Harnessing the Law of Attraction to help achieve your wildest dreams, the best version of your career or a kick-ass summer is a three-step process:


First, you must see it.

I used to joke to my employees at Microsoft that if I could see something happening, or if I could put it into a PowerPoint slide it was as good as done. It would happen.

For my coaching clients now, it is about getting clear on what it is you want your life, career or business to be like. What does it look like, feel like, who is there with you, what does it look like to be traveling through Spain in August? What do you wear? Eat? The more clear you are as to what your vision in, the easier it will be to manifest your best season yet.


Your clear of what is you want, and you are beginning to create a practice for envisioning what the experience you desire would be like. Your practicing listening to your head, heart and knowing to gain clarity on what it is you want. Excellent now you must believe it. You know how in business, they’d say assume the position, or act/dress for the job you want. That is believing it. It is the WHY NOT mantra. The “What if everything is just fine, and I am on track?” Can I create a Summer to remember? Hell Yes, I believe it. If you struggle with feelings of worthiness, inner critic or imposter syndrome believing it isn’t always as easy as sounds at first blush. I know in my heart that it is deeper than just an enthusiastic cry of yes, and if you're like me, that belief can be strong and deep one day and gone like a puff of smoke the next day.

3) ACT

So I have a vision of a life I want to create (in this case a Summer), I believe I can achieve it, Yea! So now I wait for it to arrive right? WRONG. I suppose that there is still a high probability that some of what you are trying to manifest will show up, but to really achieve it, the next step is to take action toward it.

For me this involves making lists, creating goals and action plans. I know not as fun as making wishes and looking for magic, but way more practical and you become the designer of the movie, not the watcher of the previews. It also includes writing and making art. To create a physical representation of my manifestation plan.


If you, like me are feeling compelled to create a Summer to remember, and live in in the greater Seattle area you are invited to join me for a COMPLIMENTARY workshop. The event will be held at Studio Beju ( on Monday June 18th from 6:30-:9:30 .

Together we will:

  1. Connect: Get moving with seated stretching/light yoga

  2. Dream: Relax and gain insight a guided visualization.

  3. Reflect: Brainstorm and journal about what you’d like your summer to be like

  4. Create: a vision for your summer.

  5. Commit: to three actions steps you can take to move yourself forward toward that vision.

I am offering the workshop as a gift, so please come and join me. You can forward this invite to a friend who would enjoy an evening of this type. The more the merrier!

I will be collecting donations toward an organization I worked with in Cape Town and specifically for a mentee and friend of mine, Nokuphiwo Jada who is an amazing yoga teacher and community facilitator. Noks has been gifted a teacher training, specialized in yoga for youth but does not have funds to travel to the training.

To register, send me an e-mail at or click the registration link on my homepage.

#Mindfulness #LawofAttraction #VisionBoard

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