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What's your Major? DECLARE IT!

I love the first of a month. The idea of a clean slate. A fresh start.

As May comes to a close, we are sitting at the perfect place for a natural pause of reflection and intention setting.

Reflection: looking back at the last four weeks the highs, and lows. Perhaps it’s a small win or a moment of connection, joy or ease.

Intention Setting: For me even more exciting, intention setting for the four weeks that lie in wait ahead of us. Their open spaciousness and raw potential, lying in wait like luminous soil ready to be cultivated.

What seed do you want to plant for June?

June marks mid-year and fertile ground for planting the intentions you have for the second half of 2017.

For me each quarter has a theme or intention. I’ve been using the language of “picking your major” with my clients this quarter and it seems to be resonating well. In this exercise, your theme or major is the essence of what you want to cultivate. What is the feeling you want more of? Is there a way of being you want to evoke? A specific area of your life you want to promote or change. Declaring your major or theme is selecting the key area of focus for you for a specific area of time.

The idea is to distill it down to one (or two, or at most three) word(s). A few words that neatly and succinctly speak you your intentions for this period.

For me personally, my life is in a pretty dynamic state and things are changing fast. It is exciting and terrifying shaken together in some life-sized martini shaker to create a cocktail of unlimited potential and fear!

Because of my current state, I’ve been picking a theme or declaring major monthly. The monthly major is in alignment to my quarterly plan and supporting me in the areas of my life that I am focused on.

By declaring that June is all about _________________. I bring another layer of focus and clarity to my days, helping me achieve my Big Bold Goals.

Picking a major doesn’t mean you don’t take other classes (focus on other areas of life). It simply means that with attention I will focus more energy toward this month’s major. By keeping my major to a one-month focus I am able to move forward quickly and without getting to judgey on myself. I am not making a commitment for my entire life, it is just four weeks.

The monthly major gets me motivated and into action. It invigorates and adds an infusion of energy and focus.

This month for me is all about two things: tying up loose ends and exploring the next generation of work/my business. I came to this realization by journaling and reflecting.

In declaring this as a major I came up with key action word that might represent that major for me:

Tying up loose ends: finishing, letting go, discipline, last mile, from 90% to 100%

Exploring Next Generation Biz: Exploring, education, decision making, skill building, connecting, learning

In just typing those ideas two potential words jumped out at me: distill and discipline. Because I am a stickler for the rule of three I need a third.

I sat thinking of another D word and came up with Decide. Leaving me with a Major for June of:

Distill, Discipline, Decide.

If you are interested in getting a free PDF walking you through declaring your Major and Creating a Mantra sign up on my home page at and I'll send you a fun document to get you on your way!

Make a Moment, Make a Day, Make a Life AND Declare your MAJOR!


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