What's your Major? DECLARE IT!

I love the first of a month. The idea of a clean slate. A fresh start.

As May comes to a close, we are sitting at the perfect place for a natural pause of reflection and intention setting.

Reflection: looking back at the last four weeks the highs, and lows. Perhaps it’s a small win or a moment of connection, joy or ease.

Intention Setting: For me even more exciting, intention setting for the four weeks that lie in wait ahead of us. Their open spaciousness and raw potential, lying in wait like luminous soil ready to be cultivated.

What seed do you want to plant for June?

June marks mid-year and fertile ground for planting the intentions you have for the second half of 2017.

For me each quarter has a theme or intention. I’ve been using the language of “picking your major” with my clients this quarter and it seems to be resonating well. In this exercise, your theme or major is the essence of what you want to cultivate. What is the feeling you want more of? Is there a way of being you want to evoke? A specific area of your life you want to promote or change. Declaring your major or theme is selecting the key area of focus for