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June 4, 2018

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March 17, 2017


I remember the day I realized that I could be a yoga teacher.


I was flipping pages of a Yoga Journal in the passenger seat of our old Toyota Land Cruiser, Landy, driving somewhere between Seattle and Spokane on a hot August day. It was one of those moments of complete clarity, of seeing something old and familiar with a fresh set of eyes. That breath catching, moment of recognition when you think you spot an old lover across the crowded restaurant; could it be?


I was recognizing a new potential, a new path and perhaps a new life. As I glanced up from my magazine at the stark, orange soil and rolling hills, I inhaled deeply. Could it be true? Could I become a yoga teacher? Could I even speak it a loud? Without waiting for my inner critic to jump in and tell me all the reasons it was not possible, I blurted out “I think I’ll take a yoga teacher certification class.” 


“Sounds good” Tim replied, and just like that a door swung wide open, shifting how I navigated this wild and precious thing called life.


The reality that I could do something, no anything, I wanted to do was a magic moment that changed my life forever.


This moment of clarity was not about ability or resources (although both of those things do help) but it was the awakening of something in me that said “you can really do anything you want.” A new belief began to take shape, a belief in the power of possibility. The why not?


This wasn’t the call to quit my job on Monday and move to an Ashram in India. Not throwing caution to the wind and leaping into the unknown; the all or nothing. No, it was a subtle wind of possibility blowing in the permission to explore.


With my clients, one of my favorite conversations that repeats itself often is, "what would you like to explore? What could you explore this week, this month, this year?"


If like a lot of my clients, you are not 100% sure of what you want to be when you “grow up” but you know what you are doing today is not it. Or what you do today is OK, but deep down you know it could be better, one way to gain clarity is to explore. To become an explorer of pote