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Sweet and Easy

I am a goal person! I love a Big Bold Goal, a clear and concise plan, a To-Do List I can check off. I am not however a New Year’s Resolution person.

In addition to being a goal person, I am a huge Theme Person. What is the theme, the essence, your expertise? Like a craft brewer, I love to distill and promote individual strengths and desires that my clients have.

This year I am working with clients on creating a theme or intention for the first quarter or season of the year. We are not over committing to a full year, we are simply starting with what we want to have, be and/or do in this first quarter.

For me this always starts with a word. What is it that you want to cultivate in 2017? What is the feeling, you want more of? Is there a new way being you want to evoke? Is there a specific area of your life that you want to promote?

Make sense? The idea is to distill it down to one (or two, or maybe three) word(s). That neatly and succinctly speak to your intentions for the start of the year.

Now remember this is just for now! Because you may grow and change and get some big shit done in Q1, don’t get overwhelmed and make too big. No fear of commitment!

I can’t seem to retire my word from 2015, that was shelved for the first half of 2016, only to come back to finish the year with me. I honestly can’t think of a better word for me, and for what I want my experience to be this year.

So, without further ado part of my word(s) for 2017 is Sukha. Sukha is a Sanskrit word which means sweetness and ease. Isn’t that delicious??

I mean who doesn’t want a life that is sweet and easy? Sign me up!

Because I’ve been living in this perpetual Summertime George Gershwin song for two years, I thought I’d add some extra seasoning the Sukha to mix it up a bit. So, for Q1 2017 I am going big with Inspired Transformation and Sukha. A double scoop!

After you have a word or theme, the next step is taking your word (or words if you are feeling piggy like me) and creating a mantra. For some reason this makes it real for me and almost brings it to life.

A mantra is a word or sound used in meditation to help with concentration or focus. It can also be defined as a statement or slogan. I am using it as statement of affirmation that I say to myself as a reminder of what I aspire to create in my life. I also believe that words and thoughts have power and that I can use a mantra to attract what I want more of in my life.

If my theme is Sukha and Inspired Transformation my mantra is:

I am cultivating inspired transformation; let me be filled with gratitude for the sweetness and ease of my life.

Or simply stated: Let me Inspire transformation. Let it be sweet and easy

If you need help getting clear on a theme or creating a mantra drop me a line I am happy to help. For my Cape Town friends please think about enrolling in upcoming workshop at The Shala. It combines two of my passions Yoga and Coaching and will be all about inspired transformation, mixed with sweetness and ease!

Whatever word you choose, my wish for you is to let it be sweet and easy!

Make a Moment, Make a Day, Make a Life!



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