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June 4, 2018

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The Path to Happiness is Paved in Gratitude

November 25, 2016



Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all time! I know for many of us it is simply Christmas or Hanukkah's warm up band proclaiming, “time to get your shit together for the main event.” I suppose it is a practice run for your December holiday of choice, but for me Thanksgiving wins hands down. Thanksgiving is my jam! Food, Friends, Family, what’s not to love? For me you get all the goodness of our December rush without the pressure and expense of the gifts.


At my house T-day is not about the Pilgrims and Indians and that horrible colonization that repeats itself still to this day. No, for me it all about gratitude. According to Merriam Webster the definition of gratitude is a feeling of appreciation of thanks. So see, Thanksgiving is all about Gratitude!


 Dr. Robert Emmons who is known to be one of top researches in gratitude and happiness, says gratitude is: A felt sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation.


Don’t you just love that? Juicy right?


For me there is something magic that happens in expressing gratitude. I believe that the path to happiness is paved in gratitude, meaning that to be happy (or happier); simply expressing gratitude on a regular basis can shift your emotions and how you experience life. 


As human beings our brains are hardwired with a negativity bias. It isn’t anything we can totally change, it is just our biology. For generations survival of fittest meant that our ancestors needed to on the lookout for danger. Constantly looking danger to come onto the scene.


So although our brains are