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A Fever of Gratitude

I have been sick the past few days with some random mild flu. The only real symptoms were a fever, body aches and chills. No stomach or digestive issue just a general feeling of dis-ease. I rarely get sick, but since moving to Cape Town in January I’ve had a few bouts of flu (the last one was much worse and lasted for days) but overall I am blessed with good health.

Being sick this past weekend made feel grateful. The small inconveniences of feeling not quite right, and having some awesome fever nightmares, (is anyone else watching Stranger Things on Netflix?) made me realize how great I feel most days and I was struck by an immense wave of gratitude.

So today I say thank you, body for your overall support of me. For allowing me to do the things I want to do without me even giving a second thought that you’ll go along with it. For the most part you are an amiable supporter of my every whim. Want to climb Table Mountain this week? OK. Hot yoga class followed by a core workout on EMS? Sure. Wine tasting and french fries for Sunday lunch? No problem. You are the ultimate wing woman and I feel so grateful for your unyielding support.

In return I promise to listen to your subtle messages you send me and treat you well. To be your yes woman by ordering what sounds good to you, the green juice instead of “The Nutter” smoothie (sooo good!) after yoga class. To have your back, front, neck, knees, and feet. To appreciate your strength and flexibility and to stop being hyper critical. I will stop being a frenemy and start being a friend. I will say thank you when you support me and take care of you when you feel weak. I will celebrate where you are today and be grateful for the health we share.

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