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June 4, 2018

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I am a writer

August 6, 2016

I am writing a little every day as a part of a Big Bold Goal to write and publish a book. I decided last month that because I am writing I am a writer. Just by doing the act of writing, means I am a writer. Cool huh? I’ve talked about the power of action on radio shows and with clients, but I haven’t written about it yet.


The difference between those who do and those who don’t is action.


Basically doing the work.


I learned this way too late in life, I was “around 40” when I had the flash of insight that difference between me and the person who was doing what I wanted to do was just the fact that they were doing it! If I let go of outcome and a need to do something right or “best” and just put action in the direction I wanted to go, I’d be achieving. It is like the fabulous often quoted Nike ad, “Just do it!”


How I became a radio talk show host is wonderful example of this insight in action:

I was a long time listener to the radio station where I had my show and loved listening to the various hosts and guest cycling through the airwaves of KKNW sharing wisdom. I felt drawn to the medium and the messages, I wanted to have a show on that network. I remember putting it on vision board as something I might be able to do later once I’d taken a class, gotten a certificate, degree, title etc.


Over the last decade I’ve been on a journey of self transformation and I honestly can’t remember what happened or when, but amazingly I realized that the only difference between me and the hosts on the radio was that they took action. Called the station, pitched a show, signed a contract and went to work.


Now I am not saying I was the best radio talk show host or that I am great writer but I was a radio talk show host and I am now a writer.