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June 4, 2018

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The Art of Big Bold Life Self-Care

January 13, 2015

When I say Self-Care what comes to mind for you?


For most people one of two things pop up:

  • Physical Self-Care – Diet, Exercise, Green Juice, Plank Challenges

  • Indulgences – Mani/Pedi, Massage, Chocolate, Red wine


These are all great ways to nurture yourself and by all means please do each of these every day!

Big Bold Life Self-Care, however goes deeper than these acts of kindness and care you do hopefully a daily basis.


Big Bold Life Self-Care is not just something you “DO” it is a “Way of BEING.”


Big Bold Life Self-Care starts with three simple steps to get in touch with your inner voice, or knowing to identify what it is you really need:

  • Create Space create time and space to be alone with yourself to connect

  • Ask and listen what is it I need to make today (this meeting, week, month, year etc.) amazing!

  • Take Action – be willing to make a change or take a risk





Connecting to your inner voice, higher self, knowing etc. is a great way to understand what you are in need of today.  Once you connect the challenge becomes to live each day with our inner voice as the Map or GPS to help lead you through your day.  Living from the INSIDE – OUT not the OUTSIDE – IN as we tend to do in today’s society.


 If you listened to the show today you heard me talk about my gingerbread man, here is the original artwork.  Lovely yes?



Mr. Gingerbread man, let's call him Gingey, has many layers built out and around his knowing.  These are great protections but also make it hard to reach the center or true essence.  See the arrows pointing at Gingey?  These are outside influence who all want a piece of Gingey’s day:  “the Shoulds,” the “must-do’s,” the expectations we have for ourselves as well as the expectations of others.  How about the needs of others?  The need to be the best spouse, father, son, friend, wor