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Make a Moment Make a Day Make a Life!

The tag line for your Big Bold Life: Make a Moment, Make a Day, Make a Life is my personal philosophy that every minute on this earth is precious and is ours for the making. I believe that we make a conscious choice on how we feel about each minute. Choosing to look for the good and to be in a state of gratitude is the pathway to happiness.

A life therefore is just a series of days strung together, and a day a series of minutes. The secret is to find the good in each moment, as a series of good minutes make a good day, and a series of good days a great life!

I've created a Big Bold Life Protocol that is comprised of 5 key tenets for living your own Big Bold Life! The first of which is Don Your Rose Colored Glasses.

Rose Colored Glasses.jpg

This tenet includes the power of positive thinking, a magical tool called reframing and pulls from lessons from the Law of Attraction and the idea that the words we use and subconscious thoughts we think have power to influence our perception of world around us and our personal experiences.

I’ll write more about this tenet in my next post and share some ideas on how to begin to control your thoughts and words and shift your perception, experiences and your life!

For now, if you catch yourself thinking or saying something negative, challenge yourself to restate it or rethink it. The art of reframing is simple, if I think “I’m going to be soooo late” guess what I most likely will be. If instead I say, “whoops I didn’t mean that, everything is as it should be and I’ll get there right when I am supposed to,” I have a better chance of making that outcome come true and I can repeat it to myself as a stress reducer. At that point stressing about it will not change the outcome. Try it for yourself this week and let me know how it goes!

Make a Moment, Make a Day, Make a Life!



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