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Creating my Big Bold Life!

Well I finally did it! Jumped from the safety and security of a fabulous corporate job and reached up to claim my Big Bold Life. For me that means a career helping others to realize their full potential and best version of their career or life and realizing a better balance in my life through my coaching and professional development company, Your Big Bold Life.

When asked why I was leaving now, the way I explained it to my fabulous team I left behind at corporate was that for all of my adult life work had been my Major, like a college major. As sad is it is to admit and as hard I as I worked to make it not so, because of who I am and the career I had, work had the most hours of my day and occupied the biggest space in my mind. It was time for me to have a better blend, to get that General Studies Degree (why did that get such a bad rap in college?). I am not saying you have to have a big change and quit that corporate job in order to realize your Big Bold Life, and have better FLOW, but you do have to get clear about what it is you want, and that takes some work. For me it’s been about a five year process with the last two really focused on defining what I wanted my life to look and feel like, and taking steps to cultivate a life that lights me up!

After becoming a certified Master Life Coach in 2012, I did make changes in how I was spending my time and feel I was able to be successful at balance or I as like to call it FLOW in a big corporate job and have enough time and space to really feel and to make decisions about how I was spending my one precious life. But finding the FLOW takes work and my goal is to help others find their own FLOW! I hope you’ll follow me on my journey and even take some steps to get into the FLOW and live your Big Bold Life too!

Make a moment, Make a Day, Make a Life!



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