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I became a certified Master Life Coach in 2012 and have been coaching clients 1:1 as well as creating and delivering development workshops for corporations focused on Life Balance, and career success ever since.  Examples of courses I have created and delivered include: Creating a Personal Brand, Developing a Life Plan, Having Impact at work, and Crafting an Authentic and Fun Career Plan.


My personal tag line: Make a Moment, Make a Day, Make a Life is my philosophy that every minute on this earth is precious and is ours for the making.  I believe that we make a conscious choice on how we feel about each minute. Choosing to look for the good and to be in a state of gratitude is the pathway to happiness.  A life therefore is just a series of days strung together and a day a series of minutes.  The secret is to find the good in each moment, as a series of good minutes make a good day, and a series of good days a great life.


With over 12 years of people development in corporate America, included 9 ½ at Microsoft I made the big bold decision to open my private practice dedicating more time to what I know is my life’s purpose of helping others live the Biggest Boldest version of their Lives. 


Please explore my coaching, corporate and group offerings below.  I can't wait to work together!

​Career Coach & Life Coach

Feeling stuck on unclear on a area of your life? 

Want to know and realize your Life's Purpose?


Let's work together 1:1 to:

  • Define what a Big Bold Life means for you! 

  • How to find and use your “Secret Sauce”

  • Craft a plan to move you forward toward you own vision of a Big Bold Life. 

Motivational Speaker & Seminar Facilitator​​

Need a motivational speaker, Work Life Balance Expert or People Development Expert for your next meeting?


An engaging, compassionate, motivating, and fun career and life balance expert Melissa brings her message for creating a career and life on your terms to groups large and small. 

 Reclaim. Reconnect. Renew


Would you like to learn how to make your physical/mental/spiritual/emotional self-care a priority and  discover why it’s key to living, loving and parenting optimally?


Learn More about Mother's Renewal Groups Today!

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