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Passionate About Inspiring Others to Create the Biggest, Boldest and Best Version of Their Lives.

I was first introduced to Life Coaching by hearing a coach on a Seattle talk radio program who offered life and entrepreneur coaching services.  I was in the process of crafting a business plan for eco-friendly toys (no I never did that one!) and reached out.  We met in a coffee shop, and that wise woman counseled me that before I was able to be clear about the business I wanted to create, I needed clarity about who I was and what I wanted in my life.  I really wanted to skip all that “fluffy stuff” and get right to the part where she would tell me my business plan rocked (or so I told myself), but I figured why not and signed up for an intensive coaching process together.  Not long into our first session, I did an exercise called wheel of balance (one I use with clients today), and the results of this simple exercise had me in tears.  Sobbing I saw with such clarity that I was living a false life, or perhaps just a shell of a life and that the precious time I had, was being spent in all the wrong areas. 


That coaching session gave me a gift of time focused on getting clear about my values and helped me craft a vision and action plan for a life of my choosing.  You see I had spent the first 30+ years of my life navigating the journey based on someone else’s agenda. This someone else isn’t a person, but an amalgamation of my fabulous parents, society, media, teachers, bosses, friends, books, there is no one person to blame, and I refer to it with my clients as “The Shoulds.”   The ShouIds have not been an enemy and in many ways helped me create a life that by all measure, measured up.  I am an achiever by nature and love the idea of doing great and being well thought of.  The focus on doing and achieving has served me well but also has been a detriment.  I am sure many of you can relate, as I sat looking at my lopsided wheel of balance (no spirituality, not enough love or time with friends and family but strengths in the areas of work and money) I suddenly was looking at my life with intense clarity. Like waking suddenly from the middle of a dream, I looked down at the wheel and asked: “how the hell did I get here?”   That session in 2008 woke me up and set me on a path to cultivate my own Big Bold Life.




I wish I could say I made a vision board (I did) and it all came magically true (a lot of it did) but it is a process, and honestly it is work. Between 2008 and today I set about getting clear for what I wanted my life to look like and started to take steps to make it happen.  It didn’t happen all at once, but over time I did the work to get clear about what I wanted, to ask for it, and to create an action plan to get there.  Your Big Bold Life is the manifestation of years of personal and career work and represents the best concepts and ideas I have used to help myself and clients live the Biggest, Boldest and Best version of their lives.  




My personal tagline: Make a Moment, Make a Day, Make a Life highlights my philosophy that every minute on this earth is precious and is ours for the making.  

I believe that we can make a conscious choice on how we feel about our lives. By noticing, recording and expressing gratitude for the good bits, we set ourselves on the pathway to happiness.  

I believe that life is merely a series of days strung together, like simple beads threaded to make a beautiful necklace.  The day a collection of minutes some better than others.  The secret to creating a life of joy is to find the best in each moment, to see the potential beauty in the smallest silver of today. To collect the good, the moments that call to you like smooth shells on rough sandy beaches, and appreciate each one because a series of good minutes make a good day, and a series of good days, make a great life.



With over 12 years of people development in corporate America, included 9 ½ at Microsoft I made the big bold decision to open my private practice dedicating more time to what I know is my life’s purpose of helping others live the Biggest Boldest version of their Lives. 


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