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Personal Renewal Group for Moms

The program is based on Renée Trudeau’s book, "The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life."


Reclaim. Reconnect. Renew.

    Would you like to learn how to make your physical/mental/spiritual/emotional self-care
a priority and  discover why it’s key to living, loving and parenting optimally?


Could you use support in gaining clarity and focus on how to allocate your energy
and experience more balance in your life?

Supportive, nurturing and empowering, The Personal Renewal Group for Mothers is a life coaching program for moms created specifically to explore and learn:

  • how to “reconnect” with who you a  re

  • strategies for making self-care/nurturing a priority so you can live, love and parent optimally

  • how to experience greater life balance


Topics for the Personal Renewal Group include:

  • The Transformative Power of Self-care (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional)

  • Reconnecting with Who You Are, Nurturing Your Essence

  • Good is Good Enough: A Mother’s Mantra

  • Motherhood as a Spiritual Journey

  • Self-love and Owning Your Personal Power

  • Unleashing Your Creativity and Reclaiming Adventure in Our Lives

  • Creating Your Personal Support System

  • Life Balance: Insights and Strategies for Balanced Living

  • Managing Our Energy, Saying “No” and Asking for Help


“Self-care is not self-indulgence – it is self-preservation!”  Renee Trudeau

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