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I so love this quote and had it on that first vision board I made back in 2008.  For me it means to get out there and make the most of every minute of this precious life.


Are you willing to live the width?

Are you willing to live your Biggest and Boldest Life?

If you say YES to living your BIGGEST, BOLDEST LIFE, it is really that simple.


That being said, simple doesn’t = easy!


I once spoke with a wise guru whose prescription for mindfulness for me was to take three deep breaths every morning before jumping out of bed.  Sounds simple, (I flippantly compared it to my nightly flossing habit) and it is, but at the time, it was NOT easy, and I still can’t honestly say I do it every day! Often the most significant changes in life come from making small changes and committing to repeating that change every day. 

To create new habits, that enrich our lives, like taking three deep breathes, or eating less ice cream before bed or noticing what that inside voice (I call the monkey mind) is saying about your tight jeans, takes focus, discipline and persistence to implement in our busy lives.

I had a VP I worked for at Microsoft who always used the term “building new muscle,” when talking about changes we were implementing in the business.  I love this phrase for many reasons, one it creates a visual picture, but mainly for the idea that to build muscle it takes repetition and discipline.  You can’t build a muscle with one long gym session and heavy weights.  It is the repetition of lighter weights used consistently over time that sculpt the muscle. Just like the literal muscle building example, building a new muscle in life or at work takes time, work and consistency. A great coach or working with the right support system can be the difference between success and failure.  

As your coach, I will become that guide and support for you, and as your coach, I work with you to:

  • Define what a Big Bold Life means for you!  Get clear on what your vision for your life/career is – is it more money, more down time, a sense of purpose, the ability to work from your sailboat (that one sounds good!)?  Let’s define the destination, the dream, the best version of your life!

  • How to find and use your “Secret Sauce” for the ultimate success in a way that feels natural and easy!  What are your passions and gifts, let’s find them again and share them liberally!

  • Craft a plan to move you forward toward your vision of a Big Bold Life.  We’ll work together to craft an action plan that feels right for you, and teach you skills that can serve to guide you on your journey.

With over 13 years of people development, I have cultivated a fabulous foundational process and a tool kit of introspective and juicy exercises we will use to help get your life moving in a direction of your choosing.   Come and build new muscle with me!

Are you Ready to Create the 




Best Version of Your Life?

Let's connect and book a complimentary 30-minute session.


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