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Finding Your Secret Sauce and Using it Liberally and Personal Branding!


Wow – it is hard to believe it is almost March!  Here in the Pacific Northwest February has been kind to us and the flowers and trees are being lead down a steamy path toward an early spring.  I wonder if winter has shown us her big bad self this year or if Mother Nature has a different plan?  For my East Coast loved ones I know you’re snuggling up keeping warm so here is a big NW hug!


I had a great radio show this week on the third tenet of my Big Bold Life Protocol, Finding your Secret Sauce, and using it Liberally.  Benny and I got a little side tracked talking about dipping sauces and specifically the sauces of Pullman, WA (Go Cougs!), so if you missed it make sure listen to the archives. 





The ingredients of Big Bold Life Secret Sauce are all pretty basic, but when you get familiar with them and understand how to use your own Secret Sauce, can lead to joy, success and a sense ease and well-being.  What is this magical Secret Sauce you ask?  Drum roll please…

  • Strengths

  • Passions

  • Energy


























If you are interested you can request my Secret Sauce Finder worksheet via e-mail to lead you through some really great questions and hopefully give you a “magic moment” or at least an insight about yourself you didn’t have before!  I also love to work with clients and offer different assessments to identify your strengths, exercise to uncover hidden passions and reflection exercises to help you tune into how different activities fuel or deplete you.


We also had Mary Lou Kayser on the show talking about building your personal brand!  She had some great tips and was generous enough to offer listeners the first chapter of her e-book for free.  Find out more at







I love the show and listeners and would love to hear from you!  Drop me a line and let me know what your Secret Sauce is made of! 



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