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The power of giving without expectation


What a great show focused on how giving to others can be the biggest gift to yourself!!  This is ½ of my 5th tenant for living a Big Bold Life and one that is pretty simple to begin to implement into your life.



 My philosophy on giving starts with the definition of the word.  I really believe that giving is not just a verb but is also a noun. Much like I feel about happiness or gratitude it a practice or an attribute of your personality, and with giving it becomes part of who you are. 


It is who you are in the moment and how you approach your interactions with others. 


Do you approach interactions with others with a giving heart….a giving attitude?  You show that you are giving by giving your attention by seeing others, by listening to others, by sharing a moment. By really listening to your kids tell a story.




I shared my example of giving at the grocery store checkout line.  The grocery store is a hot zone for me wrought with opportunities to practice my mindfulness and giving heart.  Listen to the recap of the show to get a chuckle and to realize how easy it is to shift your perspective on a small interaction that can change your whole day!



I had two special guests in studio representing amazing organizations who focus on giving:



Kathy Saulitis, generationOn's Vice President of Programs

Jennifer Sickinger, Volunteer Engagement Manager, Food Lifeline


Please check out their amazing organizations and give back today!









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