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Resolution Revolution


This show was all about changing the New Year's Resolution to something much for fun!  The Big Bold Goal!  We discovered why resolutions don't usually last as long as we hope.


My special guest was Jordan Goldberg from StickK an awesome web and mobile device tool that helps you achieve any goal you may have this year! According to Jordan, we all need help to reach our goals - whether it's incentives, or support from others. Years of economic and behavioral research show that people who put stakes - either their money or their reputation - on the table are far more likely to actually achieve a goal they set for themselves


 Process has 4 parts:

 Goals -Set your goal online

 Stakes - Set the stakes.  Yes you put your cold hard earned cash on the line

 Referee - Someone to help you be accountable

 Supporters - The community of other StickK users


One of the key differences I see with StickK that it adds that extra stick, when you place your stakes you can choose to give the money you wager to your "least-favorite" organization.  Carrot or Stick, motivation plays as key part in setting and achieving Big Bold Goals so make sure you are setting the right goals for YOU and check out my blog posts on Resolution Revolution and why resolutions fail on my blog. 


To visit StickK click the pink button below.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!





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