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I am Grateful! How are you feeling?


What a fun show this week!  With Thanksgiving looming on the horizon we went right to the second tenant of my Big Bold Life Protocol, Live with Gratitude.  As my husband kindly pointed out later that day, I had a lot to say on the topic!  


If you missed the show and want to listen in to the my enthusiasm on this topic you can visit The Chat With Women Network show archives here or click on the listen now button:


The Gratitude prescription I outlined was:

1) Pay attention to the thoughts and words you are using - What is your current state?  Are you looking for the good in the moment?

2) Use your RAS (Reticular Activation System) of your brain to work for you!

3) Keep a gratitude Journal or photo journal

4) Toothbrush Gratitude - Make a thoughtful and reflecting pause a part of your daily routine

5) Write a letter to someone you appreciate and mail it!  Even better, be bold and read it to them!

6) Create a Gratitude Talisman - a special something to ground you and remind you of the good in the minute, day and your life!


I also mentioned an emotional video I found on Soul Pancake and wanted to share, an amazing 7 + minutes:



























I also loved having YogiCop and good friend, JP Gyer live in studio.  You can learn more about JP at his website:


JP's personal story of transformation is recorded in his new book by the same name and available on his website, or Amazon.  It makes a great holiday gift for any friends or family who work in a high stress environment or anyone looking for a very motivating an honest story.


Lastly, if you need a education vacation, check our Yogicop's 200 hour yoga instructor training in Costa Rica March 14-28, 2015.  Seriously the most transforamtional "vacation time" and gift you can give yourself!


I hope the beginning of this holiday season finds you in a state of gratitude and joy as the path to happiness is paved with gratitude.



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