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Your big bold Life
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My work focuses on what I call the intersection of work and life. I honestly don't believe that the two can be or should be separated. I believe that work-life balance does not exist, and that work is simply a piece of life meant to add purpose, connection, and meaning. I now know that success hinges on what you decide matters; and what you measure. I know that everyone is at best a little off balance and that the trick is cross training for life. Not a physical work out, but a conscious development of new routines to bring the muscles left to atrophy back to life, with a goal of more symmetry and joy.

I've been a certified Master Life Coach since 2012; coaching clients 1:1 as well as creating and delivering development workshops for corporations focused on Life Balance.  Examples of courses I have developed include: 

Brand You! Developing your personal brand for maximum impact, joy, and success.

Business Plan You! Work and Life Success; Creating an integrated Business Plan that aligns with and nourishes your entire life. 
Your Big Bold Life Plan! Crafting an actionable plan for living the biggest, boldest and best version of your life. 

Throughout my 20+ years working in corporate America, I have never taken the time to work with a career coach. After my experience with Melissa, I am so sorry I waited so long. Her innate ability to get right down to focusing on my skill sets and strengths and then discussing how to position myself for a job opportunity, was so valuable. Melissa gave me the tools to step back and really understand what I wanted for my next position and why. She kept me focused, positive and made the job search process so much easier. After working with Melissa, my dream job came along and I couldn’t be happier!

- Suzanne -

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